One Boston-Area Teaching Hospital’s History and Future


Many people from throughout the Boston area have received health care at hospitals that specialize in teaching and research. With a notably high number of universities and medical schools for a city its size, Boston is also wealthy with hospitals of this general kind.

Hospitals like these not only provide care that saves lives and helps patients become healthier, they also help train the physicians who are required to deliver it. Many of the teaching and research hospitals in the Boston area today have impressive and interesting histories behind them, as well.

A Look at One Boston-Area Teaching Hospital’s History and Mission

As those who see this page will learn, the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center has played an important role in the area for nearly a century. Some milestones in its development include:

  • 1923. The hospital is founded by a combat surgeon who had saved the lives of many wounded soldiers during Word War I. With demand for the clinic’s teaching services and healthcare growing steadily right from the start, its original Kenmore Square location soon became too small.
  • World War II. By this point in its development, the clinic was regularly sending patients and doctors to other hospitals in the area. In fact, there were times when patients associated with the Lahey Medical Clinic accounted for a majority of those registered at large area facilities like New England Deaconess Hospital.
  • 1980. Working in close partnership with New England Baptist Hospital, Lahey opened a brand-new facility of its own. Although this put the hospital well outside of downtown Boston for the first time, the move freed it up to pursue its important mission in more independent and self-sufficient fashion.
  • 2017. A proposed merger with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, if carried out, would be the most significant in the region in the last two decades. With both institutions remaining committed to teaching and research, supporters expect that the merger will free up much-needed resources.

The Future of Hospital-Based Teaching and Research in the Boston Area

Although the scales and stakes have changed, Boston remains well equipped with teaching hospitals that raise the level and limits of care on a regular basis. With many other histories and developments like these centering on the area, Boston remains a true center of medical teaching and research.